Glory of Christ Unveiled

New Complete & Unabridged Edition (2015)

Concerning the Book

Joseph Hussey’s GLORY OF CHRIST UNVEILED, {a massive volume totaling nearly 1000 small print pages} was originally printed in 1706. A short abridgement of the work {only 51 pages} was published in 1761 in London, printed for J. Fuller of Newgate Street & L. Luckman of Coventry. This abridged version was once again reprinted by W. Brackett of Sudbury in 1790. According to one source, only five hundred copies of Hussey’s Original Edition were printed in 1706, and we know from a remark by Hussey, in his Preface to his next book {GOD’S OPERATIONS} that almost all were sold by 1707. Over 300 years later, our desire is to make the original, complete & non-abridged volume available once again.

The massive Title Page Introduction from the original Edition will be a great Introduction to the book itself.

The Full Title of this Volume is:

The glory of CHRIST Unveil’d or The Excellency of CHRIST Vindicated in his Person, Love, Righteousness, &c.,


An Exposition of the Mystery which was kept secret since the world began; wherein the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity is manifested in the Glory-Man, the Lord JESUS, and that Christ’s bearing the Iniquity of our Sin in his Sufferings was the Atonement he made to God for the Elect; set forth against the Socinian and Neonomian triumphs, and against some other Cowardly Professions. It is likewise demonstrated that an Interest in Christ is built alone upon the Free, Absolute and Everlasting Love of the Father, Son, and Spirit, towards an elect Remnant in Christ Jesus, against the Arminians. And therein is some account given of the Mystery of the Elect and their Union in Christ Jesus before the Foundation of the World; proving that their Free Grace Union according to God’s Ancient Settlements was never, as to the Comprehensive and Supreme Relation of the elect in Jesus Christ destroyed by their Subordinate Nature-Fall in Adam. To these things are added a Vindication of the Excellency of God’s Free Grace against the whole Arminian Scheme. And lastly, the Spiritual Operations of the Holy Ghost are Vindicated, as the Immediate Spring, Life and Source of all True Religion.


By divers Notorious Errors in the writings of Mr. John Hunt of Northampton, and many other Writers, Preachers and Professors of the Gospel on most sides; who instead of increasing on the Foundation at this day, have shamefully cast off the First Faith. And that now when the Water of the Euphrates, or the Power of the Turk since the Peace of Carlowitz, {Treaty of Carlowitz, 1699,} hath been eminently dried up, so as not to overflow the Western Monarchy as heretofore; and now likewise, although for the elect’s sake, God has shortened the days, upon the rising of the Two Witnesses in England, who rose and stood upon their Feet in this Street of the great City, where they had been slain in their open Testimony of Experimental Truth; yea, to make way for the coming of the Glorious Kingdom of Christ, we have seen the Seventh Angel in the Ministry of Christ, {presently for Dispatch since this last Liberty,} pouring forth his vial into the Air, which hath cried with a great voice out of the Temple of Heaven, from the Throne of the Glory-Man, IT IS DONE; all is done in Christ Jesus before believing; and on this has been further uttered, the Kingdoms of this World are become the Kingdoms of our LORD, and of his Christ, and he shall Reign forever and ever. Nevertheless Deserters of the Faith, even so far as was believed to be the Last Age, by their unbelieving VOICES from the Pulpit, and angry THUNDERS awing the people, have drowned the Report of the Seventh Angel. Time now for more LIGHTNINGS to come forth after them, towards the Advance of a Spiritual Reformation breathed after. By JOSEPH HUSSEY, a Poor Despised Servant of JESUS CHRIST, and Pastor of the Congregational Church of Christ at Cambridge.

Hussey’s other great work, entitled GOD’S OPERATIONS OF GRACE, BUT NO OFFERS OF GRACE, first published in 1707, and reprinted in its rare and unabridged form in 1792 by G. Terry, who was, at that time, the Bookseller & Publisher of the Writings of William Huntington, contained this most excellent Introduction, which we have never seen, in any subsequent abridged editions of the work, and a portion of which, which will be a wonderful Introduction to this work as well.

The Sovereign love of God the Father, the Free Gift of his Son Jesus Christ, the Saving, Irresistible, and Abiding Operations of the Holy Ghost, together with the Revelation and Application of them to the mind and consciences of his own elect, and none other; irrespective of any worth, worthiness, state, or condition whatsoever, are the truths testified and maintained in this work, in opposition to the pretended Calvinistic Preachers of the Gospel; who in his, as well as our days, are the greatest opposers of the Cross of Christ, for instead of being content to stand in the Council of God, and point sinners to Christ, as John did, with “behold the Lamb of God;” or, as the Apostles did in showing the way of Salvation by Christ; or as the spouse did, in describing Christ’s beauty, till some broken sinner fall in love with him; leaving our Lord to efficaciously and irresistibly call His own elect unto Himself is what our author most earnestly contended for.

A Popish Christ is a Christ of wood, a False Preacher’s Christ is a God of words; but Christ Jesus, our Lord, whom Paul preached, and Mr. Hussey holds forth in this book, is the MIGHTY GOD, the EVERLASTING FATHER, and the PRINCE OF PEACE, who fills heaven and earth; and by whom all things exist and consist; by whom these very beings are held in being, that vainly and presumptuously pretend to such great advances in godliness.

The Christ of God, who is equal with the Father, seated on the throne of his Glory, holding all Power, Dominion, and Might; made higher than the heavens, to whom all Principalities and Powers are subject; and at whose presence both the earth and the heavens shall flee away, is neither to be offered, proffered, lent, borrowed, bought, sold, or given of men. He is the Gift of the Father, and to as many as the Father has Ordained to Eternal Life, and none others, this Christ, this Heavenly Gift of the Father, is Revealed and Applied to the Heirs of Salvation by the Holy Ghost, when, where, and how he pleases; and most certainly not when, where, and how men please. And the man that attempts to supersede such Plan of Operations in any respect sets himself against the Council of God, the Covenant of God, the Work of God; and, as far as he goes, sins against the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God.

These and other glorious truths Mr. Hussey not only preached, but very ably defended; but against whom? The avowed enemies of Christ; No; these were not half so dangerous in his opinion as they who pretend to hold a form of sound words, calling themselves Calvinists, when, and at the same time, they privately hated the doctrines he held, and by a kind of underground way of proceeding in their matter of preaching, kept back the Sovereignty of Christ, and held him forth in a Conditional Way; so artfully, if possible, as to overturn with one hand, what they pretended to build with the other.

The glorious truths, contended for by Mr. Hussey, having a direct tendency to discover the hypocrisy of pretended all such half-hearted preachers of Free Grace; and the only way left to them to escape detection, was by calling him an Antinomian, and by warning people against reading or hearing him; so, by blinding their eyes, and prejudicing their minds, till they can neither see the hypocrisy of their counsellors, nor their own souls interest in Christ, may be easily led away to the slaughter.

Now reader, if you value the prosperity of your soul, or the favour of Christ, beware! And whenever you hear men call such doctrines Antinomianism, ask them for their experience of Grace and knowledge of Christ, and you will find they are no more than Arminians in disguise, though Calvinists by profession.

Seek the blessing of the Lord, then read it for yourself; afterwards take the book and ask their opinion; if they are not sound at heart, they must immediately, to prevent your discovering their Arminianism, call it Antinomianism. Adieu, while I remain for Christ’s sake, the Truth, and your soul’s sake, yours sincerely, the EDITOR.